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Lynnbrook Group

Lynnbrook Group is the new payment method introduced in May 2022. It replaces the legacy method, now referred to as "Lynnbrook Classic". If you've historically used Lynnbrook prior to May 2022, you will likely need to reference that version for the time being. You should continue using the Lynnbrook Classic payment method, if you haven't been specifically instructed to by Lynnbrook Group or OwnerRez to make the switch.


Please note: Lynnbrook Group does not support Security Deposit Holds, only Refundable Security Deposits.

Lynnbrook Group has informed OwnerRez users to not expect deposits and fees to appear in their OR account until the day after it is scheduled to arrive (depending on timezone differences) and should not worry about withdrawals or deposits until at least 2 business days after the transactions are expected. 

Why is Lynnbrook Group OwnerRez Recommended?

The reason OwnerRez recommends Lynnbrook Group is that they have many possible payment processing options for our clients. The longer you've been in business the more Lynnbrook Group will negotiate their payment processing services. Other payment processors, such as Stripe don't negotiate their services at all. Looking for better payment processing terms? Reach out to Lynnbrook Group directly.

Business Location Requirements

Lynnbrook Group accepts businesses with a business address and bank location in the following locations.

  • United States
  • US Territories (Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands)
  • Canada (coming soon)


Lynnbrook Group supports the following currencies.

  • USD

If the vacation rental property is located in another country (EX: Jamaica, Mexico, Carribean, Europe etc...), Lynnbrook Group may be able to support other currencies as long as the legal entity is located in the US or Canada. For more information regarding currencies accepted, contact Lynnbrook Group.

Applying for a Lynnbrook Group account

In order to use Lynnbrook Group as a gateway in your OwnerRez account, you will need to fill out the application which Lynnbrook Group will then review before approving and underwriting your account(s). If approved, there is a set of API credentials that will be provided to OwnerRez Support from Lynnbrook Group.

But first, to begin the process, visit the Connect a Payment Method screen and click "Connect Lynnbrook Group".

Once you do, you will be taken to the Lynnbrook Group Application. The system will autofill all information known from your account. If you have 3 credit card payment methods already, the system will assume you need 3 accounts from Lynnbrook. But you can adjust the number accordingly.

Once you click "Submit Application", your application is forwarded over to Lynnbrook Group for review. They will be in contact with you once they have reviewed your application. If you have questions in the meantime, you may contact them at (919) 761-1560 or support@lynnbrookgroup.com.

If you go back into the Lynnbrook Group payment method while awaiting approval, you will see your application as submitted.

If you are approved, the necessary API connection information will be received by OwnerRez Support and we will get your account(s) set up as soon as possible and then let you know to proceed with the following steps:

Setup & Connecting Lynnbrook

After receiving the necessary info back from Lynnbrook Group, OwnerRez Support will enter the credentials into your account and test them to make sure the initial testing is successful. At that point, we will notify you they are ready for you to complete setup on your end.

This includes making sure you test the API credentials, selecting the accepted credit card types that Lynnbrook Group has approved for you to utilize and entering in the Statement Text, as provided by Lynnbrook Group.

Below those items, you'll checkbox which properties this Lynnbrook Group Method should apply to. Note: a property can only be associated with one credit card processor, so if you select to include a property here that is associated elsewhere, that other association will be removed once you save the Lynnbrook payment method.

Once finished, make sure to click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page.

Test, Test, Test

Now, even though testing was successful, to really completely test your integration, please do a test transaction using a real credit card against each of your Lynnbrook accounts. There is no better way of testing your API connections than running a real credit card. To do that, create a manual booking, collect a payment using your personal credit and a small amount (say $5). Once it goes through, use the Void & Delete option on the payment to void the credit card payment. Then cancel or delete the booking. That will tell you definitively that everything is good to go.

Common Questions

My application was approved by Lynnbrook, now what?

Once you are approved, the necessary API connection information will be sent to OwnerRez Support and we will get your account(s) set up as soon as possible and then let you know to proceed to the Setup & Connecting steps.

Does Lynnbrook Group support security deposit holds?

No, Lynnbrook Group does not currently support security deposit holds. Any hold that hasn't already been reserved and is scheduled for the future will automatically become a refundable security deposit (sometimes referred to as a refundable damage deposit (RDD)). Please note, that the initial transaction processing fee taken by Lynnbrook is not refundable, even if you return the full refundable security deposit to the guest. If you have questions about this, please reach out to your representative at Lynnbrook Group.

I recently changed payment processors to Lynnbrook Group. How does that affect my previously scheduled security deposit holds and payments?

Lynnbrook Group does not currently support security deposit holds. 

  • Any scheduled security deposit holds that have not yet been reserved and are scheduled for the future will automatically become a refundable security deposit (RDD).
  • Current and active security deposit holds, that were previously scheduled with a prior payment processor and have not yet been released will remain with the prior payment processor.
  • New transactions (first payments, manual payments, refundable damage deposits (RDD), scheduled payments, etc.) will always be run against the new payment processor, in this case Lynnbrook Group, and attributed to the property at the time those new transactions are attempted. If a scheduled transaction was scheduled before the change to Lynnbrook Group but executed after, the scheduled transaction will be processed through Lynnbrook Group.

Can I use the same Lynnbrook Group account in multiple OwnerRez accounts?

Yes, OwnerRez users can use their same Lynnbrook Group account in multiple OwnerRez accounts. However, they must contact us to initiate that configuration due to OwnerRez needing to get additional configuration information from Lynnbrook. 

How do I handle the "Aptexx Connection Error: payment method ************V2KW not tokenized for credential ************0630" error?

This error refers to using a credit card that has been on file for a guest for over one calendar year. Credit card tokens expire after one year. You will want to contact the guest to request their payment information and run a new payment since the token for the credit card on file has expired.

Can I void a transaction?

OwnerRez users should follow the instructions to process a Cancellation Within 24 Hours of Booking in OwnerRez.

Lynnbrook Group also verified the following information regarding transaction voids and refunds.
  • The voidable window is approximately 8 hours.
  • Lynnbrook Group does not allow same-day PARTIAL Voids or same-day PARTIAL Refunds.
    • Example: If a PM or user makes an error that they discover immediately and need to adjust. Lynnbrook Group recommends either waiting 24 hours for a partial refund or issuing a full refund/void and re-run the credit card for the correct dollar amount.
  • If a PM or user issues a same-day "credit" outside the voidable window, Lynnbrook Group auto-converts that into a cardholder refund.