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Akia is a text-messaging platform designed to help vacation rentals quickly build and distribute customer-facing workflows to streamline their guest arrivals.

Steps for integrating

1. Log in to Akia and visit their application Marketplace here.

2. Inside the Marketplace, select Property Management, then click install next to OwnerRez.

3. Authorize the connection by clicking Authorize Akia.

4. Akia will start syncing with your bookings in OwnerRez. You can review current and future bookings in Akia's Records tab by leveraging different filters on the left hand side. Akia will continue to sync with OwnerRez, as bookings are created, modified, or canceled.

What the guests see:

What Data is Transmitted:

  • All Property details: ID, Name, Active
  • All booking details: ID, Display Name, Property ID, Arrival, Departure, Cancelled Status, Email Address, Phone Number
  • Reservation and property data sync occurs every 15 minutes