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Rategenie allows you to automatically update your rates daily with the perfect price across multiple channels. Its data-driven algorithms will help you maximize your profits by building a pricing strategy that works for your market. You can base your strategies on historical trends, your rental's occupancy, a fixed price, custom occupancy, custom feed strategy, or use their Genie Strategy to get started.

Steps for integration:

1.  Log into Rateginie here.

2. Once logged in, go to the Integrations tab on the left side.

3. On the integration page, click on the Connect button underneath OwnerRez.

4. Once you click Connect, an authorization window will pop up, and you will need to click Authorize RateGenie.

5. Once you are connected, click on Listings under OwnerRez.

6. By default, all listings will be inactive and won’t be shown on the Rental/Listings page or use Rategenie rates. To enable any listing for Rategenie, set the status toggle to ON. If you don’t enable the toggle, the properties will not be imported to Rategenie and won’t be visible anywhere in the system except the Integrations page.

7. Go to the Listings tab and turn on Account PMS Sync On and the Sync buttons next to each listing. Please ensure that you have also turned on the channel manager sync.

8. Next, you must go to the Rates tab and turn on sync.

9. Go to the Rentals tab and turn on Rental Sync.

10. Once you have taken care of all the steps above, you can set a Rategenie Strategy.

11. Once you have created a strategy, you must connect your Rentals to that strategy. On the Rate Strategy page, select Rentals. 

12. Select Add Rentals on the Strategy Details page.

13. Next, select the rentals you would like this strategy to apply to and click save.

To learn more about linking strategy, view this article: https://rategenie.io/help/strategies/rate-genie-strategies. You can see the generated rates on your Rategenie’s rates calendar.

What Data is Transmitted:

  • Rategenie pulls in the properties, including property inquiries data, addresses, and bedroom count. 
  • Rategenie pushes push min nights, rates, and max stay information. They automatically push rates once per day to all the connected OwnerRez listings, but if a user makes any manual changes to their listings rates, then they send updated rate information accordingly.