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CraftedStays has partnered with OwnerRez to give hosts the best direct booking experience that converts clicks into bookings. Connect your account to start syncing your OwnerRez listings.

Please ensure you have the Integrated Sites premium feature enabled inside your OwnerRez account. If this is not enabled, CraftedStays won't be able to sync listing data from OwnerRez to update your website.

Advantages of Integrating CraftedStays with OwnerRez

  • Beautifully Designed Templates
  • Customizations and Branding
  • Integrated Blog

Example Website

This websites utilize the OwnerRez integration with CraftedStays:


$59.99/month for up to 2 properties, $8 for each additional property. Learn more here.

Start Working With CraftedStays

You can learn more and speak with their team by visiting the CraftedStays website here.

Integration Steps

  1. Log into your CraftedStays account here.
  2. Go to Settings, select Connect to OwnerRez.
  3. Provide your OwnerRez credentials on the pop-up window and authorize the connection.
  4. Map your OwnerRez listings to your existing CraftedStays Properties. Select Create if you want to create a new listing or select Ignore if you want to ignore this listing. When ready, click import listings.
  5. Listings will take a few minutes to download. Check your Property Page to see all your properties. You're now ready to add your booking widgets to the property page.