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Breezeway is a property care and messaging app that helps thousands of vacation rental hosts and managers automate operations, drive quality, and elevate the experience at every property. Their tools are purpose-built to coordinate complex work and deliver perfectly prepared homes to specific standards. Check out Breezeway's one-pager to learn more.

to learn more here.

Existing Breezeway customers should reach out to their account managers or support@breezeway.io for assistance with the migration process managed by Breezeway to avoid property duplications.

Steps for integration:

1. Login or Signup for Breezeway here.


2. Once logged in, click on the Profile icon in the bottom left and select Settings.

3. Once in Settings, select Integrations.

4. On the Integrations page, find OwnerRez and click Add on the right.

5. This will open an authorization window where you click Authorize Breezeway.

After Authorization, you will see a message that says, "Partner account successfully connected." Content will begin syncing over from OwnerRez and continue to sync going forward.

What Data is Transmitted:

Breezeway does not sync cleaning date or expenses via the API connection to OwnerRez.

  • Reservation and Guest Data sync hourly and use webhooks for close to real-time updates:
    • Reservation Reservation ID
    • Reservation Guest Count
    • Reservation Check-in Date
    • Reservation Check-in Time
    • Reservation Checkout Date
    • Reservation Checkout Time
    • Reservation Reservation Type
    • Reservation General Notes
    • Guest Email
    • Guest Phone Number
    • Guest Guest Name
  • Property Data Syncs Daily:
    • Property Internal Code
    • Property Marketing Code
    • Property Property Name
    • Property Address1
    • Property Address2
    • Property City
    • Property State
    • Property Zip Code
    • Property Geocoding Latitude
    • Property Geocoding Longitude
    • Property Bedroom Count
    • Property Bathroom Count

Breezeway Webinar

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