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Boostly Custom-designed WordPress websites tailored for scaling your business are now seamlessly integrated with OwnerRez's booking system. With Boostly's bespoke WordPress solution, harmonized with your OwnerRez booking engine, you'll possess a 'mini OTA' website. This platform invites prospective guests to explore and book their stay directly with you.

Please ensure you have the Integrated Sites premium feature enabled inside your OwnerRez account. If this is not enabled, Boostly won't be able to sync listing data from OwnerRez to update your website.

Advantages of Integrating Boostly with OwnerRez

  • Website Management: Ensuring optimal performance and continual smooth operation.
  • The Boostly Academy is a CPD-accredited marketing program designed to escalate your business growth.
  • Monthly Coaching Calls to Help You Grow Your Business.
  • Access to the brand-new Boostly CRM and Email Marketing Tool.
  • Boostly & OwneRez gives you the all-in-one marketing experience to grow and scale your business.

Example Website

These websites utilizes the OwnerRez integration with Boostly:


$62 USD per month
+ one time implementation fee

£49 GBP per month
+ one time implementation fee

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You can learn more and speak with their team by visiting the Boostly website here.