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Connecting TIDY and OwnerRez is straightforward and gives you hassle-free management of your properties. Some of the items TIDY offers includes:

  1. A bird’s eye view of all your properties, reservations, and cleanings
  2. Save time by automatically setting up cleaning requests. That’s right—no phone tag with cleaners.
  3. Bring all the cleaners you work with and love to TIDY and make their lives easier. Yep. It's free.
  4. Get all the tracking you want and need: upcoming jobs, completed ones, and what turnovers need to be done.
  5. Integrating is as simple as clicking a couple of buttons; see below.

Steps for integration:

1. Login to Tidy here: https://app.tidy.com/#/login

2. Once logged in, select Integrations on the left sidebar inside the dashboard.

3. Next, click Add Integration.

4. On the Add Integration page, type in OwnerRez. Once you see OwnerRez, click on the OwnerRez logo.

5. You should now see Integration Options. Select Direct, then click Add Integration.

6. You should be taken to an OwnerRez Authorization page. If you're not already logged into OwnerRez, you will be prompted to do so now. Once logged in, click Authorize TIDY Services.

7. You should now see "OwnerRez Integration Syncing". The syncing process will start and take about 15 minutes to complete

How does the integration work?

  1. After you integrate, TIDY will pull all your listings from OwnerRez to create them as properties in TIDY.
  2. When a new guest reservation appears on your OwnerRez account, it is also automatically added to your "Reservations" tab within TIDY
  3. Now TIDY knows the reservation details and when to automatically book a cleaning between guests' check-in and check-out
  4. The turnover cleaning follows the instructions you set under "Automatic Booking"
  5. The Pros you already have listed under the "My Pros" section in the app each will have the opportunity to accept the job in the order you previously determined.
  6. Once a Pro is assigned the job, they will receive your instructions, access the To-Do List (if you have one), and communicate with you through TIDY.
  7. TIDY will push the cleanliness status to OwnerRez after each cleaning is completed.
  8. Done! Now your property is ready for the next guest, without you having to worry about a single thing.

Helpful links

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What Data is Transmitted:

  • When the integration is first added, TIDY syncs the listings then the reservations for those listings.
    • Property Name
    • Address
    • Bookings
  • Every 3 hours TIDY checks if there are any changes to the listings and get the current list of reservations.