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MovingLake allows updates flowing in real time to your backend, ERPs, CRMs as well as to your databases, datalakes, data warehouses and message queues!

Steps for integration:

1. Login to MovingLake.

2. On the next page you will be asked to choose your data source. Select OwnerRez.

3. Enter a name and a description (these can be whatever you want), then click Next.

4. On the next page click Get external credentials.

5. An authorization window will pop up and you must click Authorize MovingLake.

6. Once authorized you should see a screen that says you have successfully installed MovingLake's App. You can close this and go back to the page in step 4.

7. On the enter credentials page, you can now click Validate and then click Next.

8. Now that OwnerRez is connected, you can finish creating your connector by selecting the destination type. 

9. Once you select the destination type, click Create Connector to finish this process.

That’s it! Your OwnerRez account is synchronized with MovingLake, and you will start receiving your data.

What Data is Transmitted:

All data will be only on read mode to move it to your chosen destinations. Webhooks are used to sync data instantly.

  • Bookings
  • Guests
  • Field definitions
  • Inquiries
  • Owners
  • Properties
  • Quotes
  • Tags definitions
  • Tags