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getawayGoGo Setup & Connecting

OwnerRez has partnered with getawayGoGo to provide an integrated API connection between the two systems. This allows OwnerRez users to easily handle their listings and bookings from getawayGoGo. Our Channel Management feature is extremely powerful and can greatly simplify your channel advertising. Learn how it works by reading our Channel Management Overview article.

What is synchronized?

Our integration pushes listing content, rates, availability, and rules to getawayGoGo. getawayGoGo will send you bookings with full charge details and credit card information.


To get the integration process started:

  1. Inside OwnerRez, go to Settings > API Integrations > Connect a Channel, then select Connect getawayGoGo API.
  2. Make sure to configure the channel settings and save.
  3. Once you save, you will be shown your Account ID. You will need to enter this inside getawayGoGo during the setup wizard after signing up.
  4. The next step is to complete registration with getawayGoGo by going to their website here.
  5. Click Login and select Property Manager from the dropdown.
  6. If you don't have an account, select Sign Up next to Don’t have an account.
  7. To sign up, enter your information into the sign-up form and click Sign Up.
  8. Once you sign up, an account Registration Successful Confirmation box appears informing you to check your email inbox for an email confirmation. You can click ok to close.
  9. Check your email inbox and confirm your email address by clicking on the red “Confirm Email” button. After clicking you will see an email confirmed box on getawayGoGo.com and their team will receive an email to activate your account. You can click ok to close.
  10. Once activated by the getawayGoGo team, you will receive a second email instructing you to begin the set up wizard. Click on the red “Launch Setup Wizard” button to begin the set up process. You will be required to log in again.
  11. Once logged in, click the red “Begin” button to start the 7 step set up wizard.
  12. Step One of the setup wizard requires you to select your PMS, if it is not already filled in, enter your Channel Account ID. To locate your Channel Account ID in OwnerRez see step 3 above. Once this information is entered, click the Connect button (the connection process can take a few minutes depending on your property count). All information in the wizard applies to ALL Properties in your portfolio.
  13. When successful, you will see a success notification. When you see this, click the next button to complete the next 6 steps.
  14. You will now be on step 2 in the setup wizard. In this step, you will confirm your company name, which will already be filled out from your original sign-up process. Add a description of your management company. Select your time zone and your business hours. This is public information.
  15. Add your accounting and public email address. These will originally be filled out during the sign-up process. You can change these by selecting the New email address dropdown.
  16. Add your account telephone number. This will also be prefilled from your sign-up process. You will need to add your public telephone number.
  17. Add your mailing address and your public office address. For the public office address, you can choose to use the same address, add a new address, or not create a public office address visible to Travelers.
  18. Choose the languages you speak then click Next to go to the next step.
  19. You will now be on step 3 in the setup wizard. Add your website address as well as any social sites listed that you would like to publicly display with your contact information. Click Next.
  20. You will now be on step 4 in the setup wizard. Add a publicly displayed company logo. Click Next.
  21. You will now be on step 5 in the setup wizard. This is where you select how you would like Travelers to connect with you on the property pages. You can choose to have the Reserve Now (confirmed booking) button along with the Contact Property Manager button, Just the Reserve Now button, or just the Contact Property Manager button displayed. getawayGoGo recommends both. The second part of Step 5 is using the slide bar to choose how many days From and To arrival Travelers are able to view and book your properties. By default From is set to Today which is a same-day booking and To is 14 days meaning your property is available to view up to 14 days of arrival. Make your selections then click next.
  22. You will now be on step 6 in the setup wizard. This is where you will see which properties will be connected to getawayGoGo from OwnerRez. Please double-check they are all there. If not, you may need to check your API settings inside OwnerRez to make sure getawayGoGo is set for ALL the properties you would like displayed on getawayGoGo. You can also manually turn off properties you do not want to be displayed. Click Next.
  23. The last step is to add your payment method for paying getawayGoGo for Reservations and Connections. This is how you pay getawayGoGo and is NOT how your guests pay you. That happens through OwnerRez and not through getawayGoGo. Once your payment method is finalized then you will automatically proceed to the Congratulations screen. Once this is completed, the wizard setup process is complete and you will not be able to return to the wizard. However, you will be able to modify all fields from the wizard in your Property Manager Dashboard inside getawayGoGo.
  24. Congratulations your properties are connected! getawayGoGo will continue uploading property information and photos until completed. This can take up to several minutes depending on how many properties you have.

If you need further assistance, please contact getawayGoGo at support@getawaygogo.com.

Adding additional properties after initial sync

In order to instantly add new properties after the initial sync process, you must go to the Profile section inside getawayGoGo. Then select PMS from the left sidebar and click Re-synchronise Properties. 


If you would like to delist your properties from this channel, please reach out to their support team (getawaygogo@getawaygogo.com) and request that your properties be delisted. Once their support team has notified you that you can disable this channel, you can do so inside OwnerRez.