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Jervis Systems

Jervis Systems offer automated access to smart locks. You can view the devices they work with here and their pricing structure here.

Steps for integration:

1. Go to Settings, Door Locks, and click Connect Manual Locks. Create a lock and label this lock as Jervis Systems. Make sure to assign all properties to that lock. 


NOTE: The "Connect Jervis Systems" button on this page provides information about getting an account and a link to this support doc to walk you through the setup instructions.

2. Create an email template inside OwnerRez via the link below. This will include the field code to pull in the door code for that particular booking.

Sample email template:


Door lock instructions for {PDISPNAME}



When you get to {PDISPNAME}, below is the lock code you will need to enter that will get you inside.


Thank you,


3. Create a trigger in OwnerRez via the link below to send the email containing the guest’s unique pin code:


4. Sign up or login to Jervis Systems: https://www.jervis.systems/signup

5. Once inside the dashboard, navigate to the Marketplace screen.

6. From there click the Connect button where you see OwnerRez.

7. You will then be taken to an OwnerRez authorization screen. Sign in if you aren't already, then Authorize Jervis Systems.

8. After authorization, head over to the Properties tab and select Properties. You should see that your properties have been imported.

9. On the Properties screen, click the option button on the right side of a property, then click Edit.

10. In the property settings, set the time zone for that property. This is critical since Jervis Systems automated triggers are based on the time zone of the property! Make sure to do this for each property.

11. In the property settings, please ensure that your city, state, and zip code are entered in (if this is not automatically pulled in for you). You should also check that your check-in, check-out times are set the way you'd like.

12. (Optional) You can add check-in and check-out offset time if you would like to set this up for your property.

13. Navigate to the Devices screen and connect your smart lock.

14. Once the devices show up in your account, assign your smart lock to your respective property.

15. In the Jervis Systems dashboard, navigate to the Reservations screen and click the Refresh button. Jervis System will pull all reservations from OwnerRez and will assign a pin code to each reservation automatically! The assigned pin will then be pushed into OwnerRez and appear in each booking.

List of supported devices:

  • Schlage Encode
  • Overhead Door OHD Anywhere®
  • Genie Aladdin Connect®
  • August Wi-Fi (4th Generation+) Smart Lock
  • August Smart Keypad (Required for pin code support)
  • Yale Assure with Wi-Fi Adapter and Wi-Fi Module
  • Master Lock Enterprise Indoor Padlock 4400ENT
  • Master Lock Enterprise Outdoor Padlock 4401LHENT
  • Master Lock Enterprise Portable Lock Box 5440ENT
  • Master Lock Enterprise Wall-Mount Lock Box 5441ENT
  • Master Lock Enterprise Bluetooth® Padlock 6400ENT
  • Master Lock Enterprise Door Controller 6440ENT
  • Master Lock Home Bluetooth® Padlock Indoor For Personal-Use 4400D
  • Master Lock Home Bluetooth® Padlock Outdoor For Personal-Use 4401DLH
  • Master Lock Home Biometric Padlock 4901DLH
  • Master Lock Home Bluetooth® Portable Lock Box With Personal-Use Software 5440D
  • Master Lock Home Bluetooth® Wall-Mount Personal-Use Lock Box 5441D
  • Liftmaster MyQ Enabled Devices
  • Chamberlain MyQ Enabled Devices
  • Sifely S Smart Lock

What Data is Transmitted:

  • Properties and Reservations.
  • Sync occurs every hour for reservations and webhooks every 5 minutes.


Users should submit a support request through their Jervis Systems dashboard so they can track the request properly. Once they cancel/remove your Jervis account, it will remove all of your configurations. 

Jervis Systems Dashboard Support Request to Cancel Jervis Systems Account