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Quibble – Next-Generation Revenue Management Software For Short-Term Rentals – brings insight and intelligence to vacation rental pricing by utilizing big data analytics and airline pricing models to forecast optimal pricing strategies, allowing you to intelligently manage inventory and maximize revenue.

Steps for integration:

1. Create a Quibble account on this page and verify your email address.

2. Select OwnerRez from the PMS dropdown and click Sign in with OwnerRez.

3. An authorization window will pop up and you will need to click Authorize Quibble.

4. You should then see a page that says The import of all your data has started. After successfully importing your account data, Quibble will send an email notification when all the necessary information has been received. Then, you can log in to your Quibble account.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at hello@quibblerm.com.

What Data is Transmitted:

Quibble will sync Properties, Reservations, and Availability. Once live, these will sync every 24 hrs.