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Rankbreeze is a revenue management tool that helps to improve your rankings, pricing & property selection. With Rankbreeze, you'll never have to worry about what it takes to rank highly on Airbnb again. Combing through hundreds of competing properties is a thing of the past - improve your Airbnb rankings and optimize your prices with personalized, data-driven recommendations & automation. Visit Rankbreeze.com to try risk-free today.

Note: Rankbreeze requires a published Airbnb listing URL to get started. If you are not listed on Airbnb, check out our other dynamic pricing partners here.

Steps for integration:

1. Log into your Rankbreeze account here:

2. Once logged in, click the integrations button on the left sidebar.

3. On the integrations page, click Connect underneath OwnerRez.

4. An authorization popup window will appear, and you must click Authorize RankBreeze.

5. Next, you will need to match up the properties from OwnerRez to the ones in Rankbreeze. If you haven't already set up properties inside RankBreeze, you will need to do that first. You can add properties to RankBreeze here. Once you've selected the listing from the dropdown menu, click Connect.

6. Once you click Connect and see a message that says "Property is successfully linked," you need to turn on the 'Update Prices' switch for each property.

Please note: If you haven't set up pricing for the property in RankBreeze, you must do that before clicking the Update Prices switch.

You can set up pricing by clicking 'Setup Pricing' & this will guide you through the Rankbreeze Pricing Wizard. In the wizard, you'll set up your daily rates & customized rules.

You will then be asked your minimum price per night and how many nights guests need to book. Enter in what you'd like and click Next.

Next, you will be asked the longest stay a guest can book and how far you want to open your calendar. Enter in what you'd like and click Next.

At the end of the Pricing Wizard, you will need to enter your Airbnb iCal link for the property. Once you have done this setup, click Save.

Once you've set up the Pricing Wizard, go back to the Integrations page for OwnerRez and turn on 'Update Prices' for each property.

If you need additional help, please get in touch with Rankbreeze here: https://rankbreeze.com/contact/

What Data is Transmitted:

  • Rankbreeze pulls property details, like your title, during setup & pulls all reservations from OwnerRez in real-time (including existing reservations, new reservations, & reservation changes)
  • Rankbreeze pushes pricing updates at least once a day and pushes spot rate changes immediately to OwnerRez. Rankbreeze also pushes updates for minimum & maximum nights, check-in & check-out days, & calendar lead times (i.e., how many days your calendar is open for into the future.)