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Folio lets you create stylish digital guidebooks that proactively answer your guests’ questions, saving you time and money. Use your guidebook to share property information (including photos and videos), recommend local activities, and promote your brand to drive repeat bookings. Share with guests before they even arrive by including your guide's link in pre-arrival messages - no app downloads needed!

Steps for integration:

Sign up (or log into) Folio and follow the instructions on Folio's OwnerRez Integration Help Center Article.

If you have any issues getting your Folio guidebooks setup, reach out to: help@foliotravel.com

What Data is Transmitted:

  • Folio pulls 4 fields: name, address, photo1, and property URL from the OwnerRez listing
  • If the information in those 4 fields is updated in OwnerRez, the user can sync them to their guidebook by clicking a sync button.
  • Folio will send the guidebook link back to OwnerRez and create a custom attribute if it doesn't already exist. If the guidebook link is changed in Folio, it will automatically get updated in OwnerRez.