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Wheelhouse is an advanced revenue management platform providing short-term, mid-term, and corporate rentals (as well as resorts & boutique hotels) a robust solution to maximize revenue & performance.

Steps for integration:

1. Log into your Wheelhouse account (or sign up here), and from the dashboard page, click Add Channel.

2. On the Add Channels page, click OwnerRez.

3. Once OwnerRez is selected, click Connect your OwnerRez account.

4. An authorization window will appear, and you must click Authorize Wheelhouse.Once you authorize Wheelhouse, you will be redirected to the Wheelhouse dashboard, where your listings from OwnerRez will load. Once your listings have loaded, you will now have the ability to view pricing recommendations, implement your pricing strategy and review your portfolio performance. Click here to learn how to upgrade your listings to unlock those capabilities.

Note: Loading listings onto your Wheelhouse dashboard can take 1 to 2 minutes per listing. If you have a large portfolio, it may take some time to fully load. 

What Data is Transmitted:

  • Wheelhouse uses our latest API to ensure instantaneous sync when changes are made inside Wheelhouse.
  • A nightly sync occurs on a 24-hour cycle for any changes made inside OwnerRez.
  • Sync data:
    • Property details
    • Booking details
    • Rates and minimum nights are pushed into OwnerRez as spot rates