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Where's Everything Else?

As you go through our initial Setup Interview, or after you're finished, you might wonder where some other feature or setting is.

I only entered a nightly rate, you might think.  What about extra adult fees?  What about pets?!

Let not your heart be troubled!

We have an extensive set of rules and settings that can be configured at any time.  The Setup Interview only focuses on the primary things needed to get you into the system so that you can begin adding bookings and answering inquiries.  If the Setup Interview discussed every last feature available, it would be 200 pages long and take you 50 hours to get through it!

For settings - seasons, rates, surcharges, taxes, field codes, renter agreements - and much more, visit the Settings section. Users can navigate there themselves by clicking on the Account dropdown menu and selecting Settings.

Account > Settings

You'll see sections of settings, each with an explanation, where you can drill in deeper and start adding and configuring everything you need.

OwnerRez Settings

For rules - things like how many guests or pets are allowed, or minimum number of nights - open any property and click on the Rules tab on the context menu.  This will give you dozens of options to configure for how you want to limit bookings or exclude certain groups.

There are a large number of features here and, while we try our best, not everything may be organized in the most intuitive of ways possible.  You can search for information using the Search tool in this support site; which returns support articles, blog posts, forum threads, and other useful resources.  As always, if you can't figure out what you need to know, just ask us directly.  We're always glad to help.

Users can always review the Setup Checklist by navigating in-app to ?Setup Checklist to verify that they have covered everything. The Setup Interview is also located in the same ? menu.

? > Setup Checklist