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Update November 8, 2023


  • Add Florida Rental by Owners (FLARBO) as official channel Coming Soon
  • Add New Zealand holidays
  • Fix system booking alert shows time crossed out, replaced with same time
  • Improvements to inquiry widget resizing
  • Show mutual blocking disabled flag for bookings
  • Fix clicking the "confirm" link in a pending booking system alert shows an error if booking is canceled
  • Search template bodies
  • Don't create a new code on RemoteLock error if generating code by phone
  • Fix report percentage change incorrect
  • Allow blog posts that are shared to have a teaser and masthead when shared
  • Too much padding between ProServices global alert and the body when no other alerts are present
  • Remove discount multiplier
  • Handle no token case on listing site identifier mappings
  • Clarify inquiry parsing note on Identifier Mapping area
  • Don't delete blocks on bookings only mode iCal import
  • Don't dedupe Airbnb payments that are in the process of being deposited
  • Correctly convert fee to destination currency when Stripe charged in one currency and paid in a different currency
  • Don't blow up when recording Stripe refundable security deposit fees on quote accept for last-minute bookings
  • Don't look back to old channels when looking for message thread
  • Don't look at check-in end when determining whether Airbnb check-in is standard
  • Google Vacation Rentals Private Beta:
    • Use LengthOfStay min/max to use SetForward stay based options instead of only arrival SetMin/Max
    • Rate Amount message needs to use sleeps override amount if set