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Suspend Guest System Messages

Suspending OwnerRez system or template messages while owners/PMs ensure that a payment or issue resolution is handled discreetly (while maintaining open communication when necessary) can sometimes be helpful.

Unfortunately, there isn't currently a very clear process to achieve this in OwnerRez but we have developed a couple of workarounds that may be useful if necessary.

Create a Tag and Trigger 

  1. Create a tag called something along the lines of "No Contact" or whatever makes sense for your business workflow.
  2. Apply the tag filter to the Booking Relationship sections of their triggers.

Trigger Booking Relationship Doesn't Have Tags

Users should note that this requires reviewing all of the Booking Relationship sections of every trigger and updating them and there is no guarantee that every case would be covered. 

Edit Guest Contact Info

Another more drastic option would be to just edit the guest contact info for a particular booking. 

  • Go to the guest information for the booking.
  • Save the current emails and phone numbers as a note in the booking.
  • Delete all the emails and phone number contact information (if you don't have contact information then you can't send things).
  • When you are satisfied either cancel or process the booking again. If you want to continue messages, add back the Guest contact information from the booking notes back to the guest contact info area.