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How do you price your properties?  How do you know how your properties should be priced?

Traditionally, most vacation property owners used a broad-brush approach to pricing - basically, high-season and low-season, with maybe some special pricing around holidays.  OwnerRez fully supports this capability.

These days, many managers choose to manage their pricing more aggressively by strategically raising and lowering pricing on certain days as demand increases or decreases.  OwnerRez supports this, too, using Spot Rates - but it can take a lot of work and a fair bit of guesswork.

There are now a number of companies that have invested time and research into analyzing rental markets in order to dynamically generate prices based on demand on a real-time basis.  This makes their prices work a lot like airline tickets - they go up and down constantly with the ebb and flow of business, always designed to get the maximum amount of money from the traveler without letting the seat go empty.

The leading dynamic pricing systems have integrated with OwnerRez, so you too can maximize your revenue based on complex algorithms, big-data number crunching, and ongoing research.  Each of these companies has its own strengths and advantages, so you'll want to research the most appropriate one for your needs.  But they all work with OwnerRez in the same way - they push daily rates into OwnerRez as Spot Rates for each of your properties.