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Update May 11, 2020


  • Allowed removal of specific bookings when generating & previewing owner statements
  • Added select range button + modal to rate calendar
  • Showed rate range on property general info
  • Showed LOS % on property general info instead of average
  • Added rate table widget settings for rate calc mode and hiding los % (new rates only)
  • Added LOS checker tool that runs all quotes and remove mode option from normal rate checker tool
  • Handle merging canceled bookings on channel updates
  • Always update booking.com commission booking fee even if in manaual charges mode
  • When attaching files to an expense, don't over dedupe
  • On iCal import, don't merge HA/VRBO/Air events that match by date and have name or token but don't match by it
  • On iCal import, cancel directly on OwnerRez iCal sources
  • Don't clear verified sender when saving account preferences
  • Work around Air 50kb min photo size requirement by making files bigger

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