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The concept of Seasons is pretty straightforward - a period of time, that you can apply specific rates to.  Many owners have High Season, Shoulder Season(s), and Low Season, or do Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall.  Often holiday periods are programmed as seasons too.

But guests often don't exactly book right up on the season boundary.  What happens if your Summer Season ends on August 31 and Fall Season starts on September 1, and a guest wants to book from August 28 - September 5?

The default setting for Apply Season By is Split Across.  With this setting, in the example below, the guest would be charged Summer rates for August 28 - August 31, and Fall rates for September 1 - September 5.

This setting can be located by navigating to Settings > Pricing Preferences > Apply Season By > Split Across.

Settings > Pricing Preferences > Apply Season By > Split Across

You can also tell OwnerRez to apply just one rate across an entire booking, even if otherwise different rates would apply.  With the Arrival Date setting, our example guest would be charged Summer rates for their entire stay, even though half of it is in Fall.  With the Departure Date setting, the opposite is true: the entire stay would be at Fall rates even though the first half is in Summer.

For most purposes, Split Across is the correct selection that will behave the way most people expect.  That's why it is the default.  Only change this setting if you fully understand the implications and have a specific reason to do so, as any other settings can lead to unexpected results that don't fit common sense unless your seasons and rate are very carefully designed.