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Update July 5, 2021


  • Fixed issue on booking widget where tomorrow wasn't selectable as departure when a booking arrives tomorrow
  • Fixed FontAwesome icons on some buttons showing flag vs. intended item
  • When creating a quote from an Airbnb inquiry, use the channel rate adjustment
  • Added support for rate numbers over 50k
  • Fixed issue with tax summary report errors on including no-tax bookings grouped by month
  • Fixed issue where inquiry email parsing from SMTP headers does not recognize property ID or some fields
  • When calculating trigger season criteria, use all applicable seasons
  • Showed the cancel policy with dates version on the booking and quote Rules tab view mode
  • Added orientation to owner statement views
  • Added owner statement field codes for notes and totals
  • Supported Contains Holiday for Vrbo rates
  • Showed the last review pull date on Vrbo (and HTG)
  • Improved error handling on Airbnb importer
  • Supported UK/GP listings Vrbo URL format when doing Import From Vrbo
  • Fixed issue with batch update for PM crashing with "description is required" message
  • When re-enabling a property, relink to a payment method if there is only one
  • Fixed issue with using Page Lead as the caption option on Hero Units 
  • Fixed issue where PM Batch Update commission didn't changing cleaning fee charge to proper commission
  • Don't show Action button when printing or downloading PDF of owner statement
  • Bring out CB import history to outer page
  • Added validation for min nights < max nights on spot rate set
  • Added purchase date to Insurance tab of Booking
  • Optimized rate editor to handle large numbers of seasons
  • When turning on Damage Protection, redirect to batch update for future bookings
  • Added expiry date column to Quote grid