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Update October 4, 2023


  • New design for Review guest form
  • Implement an international-friendly phone number form input
  • Change arrival/departure rules on spot rates to be a single "Changeover" rule instead with gap option
  • Use channel/listing site override when quoting in booking widget
  • Change DP channel settings to optionally allow Hopper exclusions
  • Validate webhook subscription creation on v2 API
  • Improve validation around bounds checking for numeric rules
  • Handle case where Airbnb Payouts contains no transactions
  • Parallelize webhook sending
  • Remove Airbnb amenities from dictionary as needed
  • Show correct Stripe charge transaction identifier for secdeps
  • Improve default RA has wrong language for ages
  • Add Airbnb charge relinking tool
  • Capture Expedia URL for Vrbo
  • Fix issue where total host fees weren't returned in /v2/bookings list API call
  • Don't auto-release PayPal secdeps on channel move
  • Display created time on oauth app webhooks grid
  • Fix rare edge case where Vrbo sync might error for some stay-collected fees