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Now that you have read the Tag Overview support article, it's time to add and edit tags. With the ability to add tags to properties, bookings, quotes, inquiries, and guests, the possibilities are endless.

Have guests celebrating a  and want a reminder to have a birthday cake delivered? Create a tag for that.

Have a property that has a  or is ? Create a tag for those too!

Got a booking requesting an  or ? We can go on and on but you get the idea. Learn how to add and edit tags below.

Add Tags

To make or add  Tags, go to the OwnerRez Tag area OR Settings > Workflow & Devices > Tags. Click on Create Tag

On the next screen, give the Tag a name, and if you need to remind yourself about the meaning of the Tag, use the Title and/or Description fields. Then choose the perfect color and Save.

 You'll then see your new Tag displayed on the main Tag screen.

Edit Tags

Want to make changes to your Tags? No problem! Select the Tag that you want to edit by clicking on the Tag directly or selecting the drop down list to the right of the Pen icon as shown below.

On the next page, you can change your Tag by adding additional information about the Tag in the Title and Description fields. Click Save.


You can also change the color or delete the tag altogether by clicking on Delete Tag in the lower right corner. After you have made your edits and saved those changes, you will see your edited Tags in the tag list.

Notice that only the Title field of the tags are also viewable in the list.