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Update October 18, 2021


  • Automatically merge new bookings to existing guests if name and contact info match
  • Reworked channel connection screens to separate out connection, changing, and disconnection into separate screens
  • Showed min/max days before arrival as unavailable by rule on calendar
  • Fixed error on refunding kept funds from a sec dep hold
  • Fixed issue with Vrbo property status check errored on a property but should have succeeded
  • Fixed issue where payment receipt email sent for Vrbo API bookings before booking total is updated
  • Clarified help info for Airbnb cancel policies
  • Fixed issue where multiplier starting at higher amounts didn't terminate properly
  • Enhance rate calendar hover card
  • Fixed UTF8 issue on emoji that was split in half when rendering Air listing feed
  • Fixed quote hold feature to block for Airbnb
  • Upgraded TPA unsubscribe notification to new alert template
  • Upgraded old style account, property and quote area pages to new style
  • Changed default RA creation to use BUFIXUP
  • Fixed issue where deleted host fees weren't being excluded from Line Item Pivot report
  • Enhanced and tightened up Property Sharing 
  • Distinguish Saint Martin vs Sint Maarten
  • Clarified can't run trigger text on event type for days from now criteria
  • Put the question mark icon in the Legend link instead of "(?)"
  • Fixed settings layout issues
  • Added filters to new Security Deposit Detail report for amounts and status, and include fully released security deposits
  • Fill in dates when converting blocks to quotes even if they are in the past
  • Validate quotes while creating so past quotes can't be created
  • Added booking grid filter for "Is Channel Connected"
  • Don't show deleted properties in owner applicability
  • Sanitized off situated in settings (floor, situated in type) when the type doesn't support it
  • Fixed merge issue where some related guest items (files, tags etc.) weren't merging to the merged guest
  • Clarified that CB rate push is deprecated
  • Clarified last successful sync on calendar sync
  • Displayed received time on inquiries list
  • Added logged in note on quote if payment methods are not allowed
  • Return error response to Vrbo if channel is disabled
  • Fixed travel insurance purchase crash when RentalGuardian is down