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Update October 11, 2023


  • Expand time-based trigger retry options
  • Allow 2FA fall back to email mode when in app mode (i.e., "try verifying by email instead")
  • Add Whimstay as official channel
  • Clarify hosted site rate mode settings
  • Fix typo in Security Deposit Failed system message
  • Fix phone numbers not accessible through v2 API
  • Fix error on editing guest with no phone
  • Fix error on missing Expedia URL
  • Skip bed/bath import for Vrbo listing import if the data is no longer available
  • Fix issue on Airbnb batch charges update when previous update has been archived
  • Optimize spot rates grid
  • Do not remove Airbnb amenities for listings with multiple mappings
  • Fix error when rendering File type field referenced in RA but not populated during checkout on quote
  • Fix error on pre-existing invalid phones
  • Only switch off channel apply payments on merge for non-channel managed for BDC, not other channels
  • Fix error on updating old bookings that predate rules changes
  • Properly parse phone numbers received from Airbnb
  • Improve phone deduplication performance
  • Factor direct remittance into owner statement/payout calculations
  • Create host fee for Stripe Refundable Security Deposits
  • Fix when adding a charge to a booking on a mobile device doesn't respect surcharge expense config
  • Default trigger for request renter agreement via email has too many listing sites defined
  • Add delete button for credit card on booking