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Update June 8, 2020


  • Added CRM > Airbnb Messages section to show inbound Airbnb message threads and allow responding to them
  • Don't push availability to Airbnb API for pending bookings until they are confirmed
  • Added extra gap blocks around calendar disconnected bookings on Airbnb API
  • Changed booking notifications to show portal user name on the notification email if they performed the action
  • Added support for per guest and per guest/night tax types
  • Added canceled bookings to merge type on Airbnb channel connection
  • Added option to filter Listing Quality Analyzer by channel type
  • Enhanced error detection and messaging on spot rate import
  • Fixed multi-sort on properties grid
  • Fixed hosted site property column display for single property sites
  • Showed owner columns on properties grid and in export if PM is enabled
  • Updated secdep release button text based on selected option
  • Added new Vrbo API amenities: EV Car Charger, Fire Pit, Enhanced Cleaning, Disinfection, gap periods based on required gap rules.
  • Added Airbnb house manual option
  • Showed owner on property Info tab if PM is turned on

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