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Update July 29, 2022


  • Internal OwnerRez Help Desk Update 
  • Integration with Jervis Systems
  • Akia Guest Booking Automation
  • Clarified Messaging for Airbnb Channel Messages
  • Reactivating Disabled Properties Warning
  • Reports Date Range Picker Upgrade
  • Highlight Nonstandard Check-in and/or Check-out Times
  • Fix Cancellation Fee Dropdown 
  • Optimize Credit Card Processing History Report
  • Retry Airbnb Photo and Room Push
  • Lynnbrook Classic has Gateway Approval But Declines Due to Address Verification System (AVS) Settings
  • OwnerRez Users' Submitted W9 Forms are Missing Valid "Other" Option for Question #4
  • Hosted Website Header Editing Validation
  • Dropdown Menu Displayed Incorrect Wording
  • Deleted the "Includes video" Check Box From Forum Posts
  • Update Airbnb Bed Types
  • Expedia iCal Imports
  • Tighten Up booking.com API and Missing Card Card Message
  • Blank URL Widget Referrer 
  • Message Template Editor Drop Down List Optimized on Mobile
  • Collection Date Displayed on Scheduled Transactions is Off By One Day
  • Skip Updating Expense Dates on Channel Updates to Modified or Cancelled Bookings Locked by Property Management 
  • Hide "Collect Now" on Booking Overview Tab for Airbnb Bookings
  • Insert Security Deposit Release Day Into the Default Renter Agreement
  • Channel Listings That Have Upcoming Reservations Cannot Be Deleted