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Update October 11, 2021


  • Added missing Forest checkbox to Locations
  • Optimized expenses grid for accounts with many expenses
  • When scrolling to top of property search/availability widget, skip the scroll if it's the first page
  • Fixed property mutual blocking links that were disabled and re-enabled
  • Fixed deleted EntityTags showing on Stays Daily Checklist report
  • Fixed hosted sites get showing Create "BlogIndex" option
  • Fixed issue where first dropdown on charge edit was focused by default
  • Fixed adding a surcharge on new charges editor to a booking doesn't set correct commission
  • Fixed issue where commission and expense settings weren't loading for new charges editor
  • Fixed discount codes always insert after surcharges
  • Fixed case where channel bridge was resetting Air secdep rules if no secdep existing
  • Fixed Amount warehouses not updating after pending/request-to-book style VRBO channel booking
  • When creating a payment on pending bookings, check and process Travel Insurance request