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QuickBooks by Intuit

Key Benefits

  • Record your OwnerRez bookings and payment into QuickBooks without lifting a finger. When bookings and payments change, the matching records in QuickBooks also change.
  • Map rent and surcharge amounts to different classes, locations and departments based on your different vacation rental properties.
  • Map vacation rental payments to different bank accounts in QuickBooks based on the type of payment (check, cash, credit card, PayPal)

How OwnerRez works with QuickBooks

Once QuickBooks is connected and configured for a property, all bookings that are changed thereafter will start syncing with QuickBooks. OwnerRez will silently send data to your QuickBooks account, under the covers, without you doing anything or pressing any buttons. Bookings and payments from OwnerRez are turned into Invoices and Received Payments in QuickBooks. Sign up for OwnerRez now or click here to connect your existing OwnerRez account.


When bookings are created or updated in your OwnerRez account, our system will create corresponding updates in your QuickBooks account. Each OwnerRez booking is mapped to a single "invoice" in QuickBooks and payments are synced as well. An OwnerRez "booking" is the same as a QuickBooks "invoice". OwnerRez determines if an invoice exists in QuickBooks for the booking in question. If not, it creates a new invoice. If it exists, it updates the current invoice. Read more about OwnerRez and QuickBooks here.