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Update August 16, 2021


  • Added friendly error message on Channel Bridge when trying to download by ORB
  • Added booking.com payment fee
  • Allowed changing pending date for booking.com bookings
  • Fixed rounding on cancellation policy long form
  • Fixed quote footer to use theme email address when no payment method configured
  • Tightened up lock error messages
  • Fixed issue deleting verified domain
  • Clarified verified domain message when already exists
  • Clarified channel max days in advance setting
  • Pulled example booking payment, secdep, cancellation policy merge field values from property
  • Implement or_ keys on hosted property search page
  • Fixed bcom not updating booking properly if property is disabled and a new one created
  • Fixed Air rez with "unknown" air cancellation policy
  • Added check to skip merge for no listing site bookings with charges/payments/refunds
  • Tightened up Airbnb tax setting
  • When changing availability calendar pages, scroll to top of list
  • Don't show disabled properties on Air tax area
  • Handled air reservation request + confirmation race
  • Remove card type check on refund
  • Added check for restrictions when testing Stripe accounts
  • Don't preempt Air quotes before booking them
  • Fixed Airbnb connection credentials reset when a different OwnerRez user attempts to connect
  • Added self service menu for Vrbo New Listing Discount
  • Fixed hosted site grid "Live" and "Test" links to use external link icons instead of magnifying glass
  • When turning on Damage Protection, redirect to batch update for future bookings