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Update June 29, 2020


  • Added many new customizations and options for hosted site headers
  • Enhanced Airbnb Messages inbox to wrap messages and load quicker
  • Added Save & Close option on hosted website theme/layout tabs
  • Converted hosted site page edit form to a tabbed form
  • Added Google fonts options to hosted websites
  • Tweaked fireplace icon in Amenities to look more fire
  • Fixed issue with TripAdvisor API integration calculating LOS discounts incorrectly on quotes
  • Changed channel fee criteria and min night checks to go on arrival date only to align with channel criteria
  • Added support for schlage lock type with RemoteLock API
  • Added support for Houfy as an API integrated channel
  • On rate table, only calculate contiguous rates when finding rate range
  • On rate table, don't calculate longer rates for table if they lap over into other seasons
  • On rate table, only show discount percent if there is one
  • Don't send add emails on Airbnb second cancel
  • Blocked IE 11 access
  • Fix line item summary report incorrectly grouping other surcharges as not rent
  • Always push weekly/monthly Airbnb factors if possible even if there are other LOS rules

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