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Update August 16, 2023


  • Hopper Homes channel is now generally available
  • Add filter capabilities to dropdown lists
  • Add property-level weekend nights rule
  • Clarify labels on tag filters
  • Fix review sync with Florida Rentals and other HA-XML-based channels that handle reviews
  • Add option to hold dates when creating a quote via API
  • Make new ribbon booking background printable again while also keeping fade to grey background on booking filter
  • Fix new ribbon extra width of one day of month showing
  • Fix new ribbon holiday sticking after display then scroll then hover on old days that used to have holidays
  • Change the failure message when sending an email hits an unknown snag
  • Add help text for Rent Taxability to prevent settings misstep
  • Fix broken link protection when property Public name is changed
  • Add title attribute for widget iframes
  • Pet notes should be editable regardless of suitability and max pets selection
  • Fix drop shadow on hosted website headers with multiple lines
  • Reviews entered from Guest directly do not set the Listing Site (source)