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Update February 21, 2022


  • Fix rate table display for 7 night season that overlaps the start of the current month
  • Show monthly column on rate table if nothing else can be booked
  • Handle Feb when calcing month for rate table
  • Go by listing active for Vrbo push
  • Add control and checkboxes for selecting specific statements when creating multiple owner payouts
  • Make Source clickable when looking at a site review if the review has Original URL value
  • Fix LQA from being "Location > Location Type", to instead be "Location > Setting & View"
  • Fix user invoice fails to load after referenced booking is deleted
  • Change DP batch to validate by arrival vs departure
  • Fix surcharge grid category typos
  • Fix wording and link on Close Account screen
  • Fix Airbnb confusion on HTML to text image links
  • Strip unsupported control chars from descriptions
  • Fix quote first-payment rounding issue where there is part of the rate left after rounding
  • Add overrides for HomeToGo in the channel rules on the property
  • Don't show money "kept" from security deposit if the associated payment is now voided
  • Change "up to" wording on cancellation policies to "at least"
  • Stop forcing OpenEdge requests to include AVS security, let the user set this in their control panel
  • Add multi user login selector
  • Fix Guest Paid % is calculating too much because it's including amount kept from security deposit
  • CRM Reviews tabs should always show
  • Add time to payment/refund dates
  • Fix error on owner statement excel export when owner is null
  • Decouple 'Watch This Topic' and Forum System Alert settings
  • Fix bathroom math spacing/visibility on hosted websites
  • Don't send "changed" emails when just editing the cleaning date
  • Check PM Lock before trying to keep money from security deposits
  • Validate that tax max nights is at least 10
  • Rate Calendar link on property info loads the wrong property
  • Change wording to clarify no *automatic* security deposits
  • Fix Stripe host fees when keeping secdep not reflected everywhere
  • Fix request eSig Compose Email doesn't fully replace the entire link href in the template
  • Property listing character counts not counting in real-time
  • Fix logged in as portal user banner is offset
  • Fix PM Batch Updates cancel button behavior
  • Change global alerts bar to callout style and condensed
  • Handle the error case when deleting guest on guest layout
  • Add Date To Use option to channel fee and surcharge created expenses
  • Messages page says "sent on [date]" when system alert is turned off
  • Fix hosted sites referencing old cdn distros