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Update June 7, 2023


  • Vrbo messaging integration (public beta)!
  • Improve the display of suppressed email addresses on email history
  • Expose property check-in and check-out times on v2 property API
  • Improve hosted site blog post performance
  • Fix hosted site blog posts to not show if they do not have a category set
  • Lynnbrook Group deposit processing should look for yesterday's deposits to avoid late-day deposit misses
  • Fix booking messages from being sent to the wrong message thread in Airbnb for some guests
  • Fix channel bookings from showing as "manual" if the API channel was subsequently disabled
  • Fix Airbnb payouts if they include non-booking-related funds (e.g., referral payments)
  • Fix Vrbo channel bridge import to look at "booking amount" too
  • Automatically remove SMS brands from users who disable SMS or close their account
  • Fix Vrbo listing feed if there are no amenities configured for a property
  • Fix Airbnb Transaction Sync issue that caused duplicate payments on alteration re-syncs