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Update March 22, 2023


  • Split up channel push into more services to decrease channel push latency
  • Release OwnerRez Read-Only Environment
  • Add more details for "Unsupported Currency" badge on property mapping
  • Show "No matching records" message on grids
  • Create Guides area on www site
  • Add Trustpilot as a www review source
  • Bug fixes:
    • Show correct channel name for other feed-based channels (vs. only Vrbo) on "don't show secdep" setting on channel view page
    • Don't push bathroom count to Airbnb because they rely on the room data now
    • When an Airbnb property reconnect occurs, correctly detect whether the property was already connected
    • Hosted site test label shows HTTP instead of HTTPS
    • Grants weren't deleted when user was closed
    • Return 401 status code for no portal permission case
    • Fix Owner with Portal access grant link to Team index location
    • Adding a Quote validation does not take into account property's timezone
    • Deleting a disabled template does not actually delete it