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Update December 15, 2022


  • Add import for Vrbo's PPB commission file
  • Show manually entered reservation number on booking even if a listing site isn't set
  • Populate PAYTYPE merge field for all types (used to only be CC, PayPal, Check)
  • Keep history of files uploaded to a custom field if there are multiple
  • Fix issue where file format custom fields could appear as property photos
  • Show correct user on Third Party Alert for deleted
  • Add timezone (Z) to API v2 timestamps
  • Allow Team: Staff Members to change Pricing Preferences
  • Show property location under map view
  • Add secdep option on booking cancel page
  • Remove Travel Insurance alert to guest and add system alert to user
  • Make non-card payments searchable
  • Don't allow RDD category surcharges to be taxable
  • Fix issue where existing "Blog" custom pages conflict with new Blog type
  • Upgrade new OR user welcome email to new alert format
  • Optimize unread count and other queries
  • Allow deleting channel linked quotes as long as they're not booked