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Update July 26, 2021


  • Added shift+click multi-selection on property lists (seasons, payment methods, etc)
  • Displayed listing site applicability on tax list
  • Display and edit culture on Settings > Check-In / Check-Out for multi culture accounts
  • Auto-created custom sources for theme Business URLs
  • Added new merge field {PMINAGE} for minimum age of primary renter
  • Modified owner list export to match owner import template
  • Added link to seasonal rate export from seasonal rates
  • Added Properties column on theme table
  • Handled case on Vrbo listing import where no rates exist
  • Validated that property lat/lng are in range
  • Treated Air PreApproval as special offer for quote charge calcs, and included calculated taxes
  • Fixed issue where Air inquiries were showing voided vs. booked
  • Fixed issue with changeover highlight on booking widget calendar
  • Fixed saving charges on booking after unmanaging the booking
  • Fixed ribbon details tooltip for users with few properties