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Update December 21, 2021


  • Add support for new Airbnb fee types (pet, short stay)
  • Add support for Air guest fee and pet number
  • Switch channel bridge to new Airbnb transaction API's
  • Release Airbnb Automatic 5-Star Reviews
  • Forums overhaul and modernized layout
  • Allow html on inquiry comments
  • Clarify channel booking merge blocked message when it's blocked by different dates
  • Fix rate calendar to show changeover restriction on same day as departure/arrival
  • Don't show booking window restriction on rate calendar if there's already a booking
  • Fix Legal Agreement preview dropdown container bug
  • Handle 64 bit room ids on Air importer
  • Change trigger criteria of "arrival days from now" to use "now" as of retry date for retried triggers
  • Don't do an FB pixel hit if the name is in the querystring
  • Show date when future time based triggers will be sent
  • Show actual collection date on scheduled secdeps that have run
  • Fix converge void transactions failing because of ssl_card_number being passed
  • Fix batch operations to copy Accommodations and Dining content
  • Treat max days in future as a blocker to hide rates on calendar rate widget
  • Fix booking.com manual payments reminder email to say card on file if there is one
  • Convert smart quotes to simple quotes for QuickBooks Online sync
  • Don't disallow start of now gaps
  • Update QCTAB notes that "this quote doesn't hold dates" if it does hold them
  • Convert "Scheduled payment FAILED" message to new System Alert format
  • Default Group By setting on Statement Views to Property grouping
  • Add 11.3% commission
  • Add global setting to include/exclude $0 bookings to Owner settings tab in PM area
  • Remove duplicate message on Vrbo review sync setting
  • Fix typo on Batch Copy Rates
  • Fix Delete Blocked-Off Time typo
  • Fix incorrect wrapping in season expand when seasons start and end in different years and calculation comes from the prior year
  • Upgrade Ace editor to latest
  • Allow editing bookings at disabled properties
  • Fix Airbnb guest message dedupe
  • Remove total paid line from BUFIXUP form
  • Clarify line item summary report column names
  • Fix property sharing batch mode misspellings
  • Fix Sleeps (max) calculation line wording
  • Require multiplier on pet fees
  • Add SMS A2P Brand Integration
  • Populate prepayment on booking.com merge
  • Convert Portal users to LoginOnly type
  • Fixed Channel Bridge overwriting correct book date with incorrect
  • Make Payment and Refund dates be UTC and change emails to show correct time (for the user's time zone)