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SSL Certificates

The Information You Send To OwnerRez Is Encrypted

Perhaps you are familiar with the internet lock that shows up in your browser when you go to "checkout" while shopping online. That lock indicates that the website you are using is encrypting the data you submit to it. They have to do this because they are accepting your credit card information and the banks demand this level of security.

What Does The Lock Mean?

The lock icon may look different from one browser to another, but it means the same thing in all of them. The information you send to the server is scrambled millions of times so if a hacker were "listening" to that information as it goes from your computer to OwnerRez, it is indecipherable. We rely on top vendors for all our SSL Certificate needs. They provide us with "keys" and "certificates". These are the two necessary parts of the SSL security chain. One part is used to scramble the data you send, the other unscrambles! With 2048-bit SSL encryption - like what OwnerRez uses - all the data you enter using OwnerRez is scrambled millions of times ensuring your data makes it safely from your computer to our firewall protected servers.