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Update November 1, 2021


  • Made check status button work for Airbnb as well
  • Optimized season query for large accounts
  • Clarified rate push deprecation message
  • Matched Vrbo review import to bookings by property and stay date
  • Hid clauses in guest forms that don't apply with current rules
  • Updated ProConnect pricing to new rates
  • Fixed BDC billing info overrides existing billing info on security deposits
  • Clarified channel rate tester result columns
  • Don't send triggers for quote hold blocks
  • Added link from booking list Total column to Charges tab and Owed column to Transactions page (h/t Chris L)
  • Allow copying and linking to channel listing id on mobile (h/t Chris L)
  • Show min/max days before arrival as unavailable by rule on calendar
  • Added weekend rate option on rate table widget
  • Allow refundable type security deposits to have 120 reserve and never auto-release
  • Updated HomeToGo signup link
  • Handle exceptions on Channel Bridge and show info
  • Improved name handling on review import