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Update October 9, 2022


  • Consider charge description a change when moving quotes
  • Fix Rental Agreement signature form to use user date format
  • Add header anchor link to support articles
  • Don't include guest name in custom statement view expense description columns
  • Show Airbnb co-host name/id related to messages in conversation view
  • Show the Airbnb channel related to a given guest in the guest profile
  • Link push errors on properties page
  • Don't include aggregateRating when there are no reviews
  • Remove old API callout from 2020
  • Fix issue where changing an all Expense in PM section to less snaps back to all
  • Fix issue where manual surcharge settings not kept while adding charge on mobile in portrait when PM expense/no commission
  • Improve Airbnb charge calculation tax matching
  • Calculate charges for preapprovals and skip pet fee
  • Fix layout issues on reports' date picker 
  • Upgrade Expense import and reports with categories