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Request Airbnb Guest Contact Information

As of September 2023, Airbnb removed the platform (a.k.a. proxy or pass-through) email address function (e.g. jane-xyzxyzxyzxyzxyzxyz@guest.airbnb.com).

How does that affect OwnerRez users, and how do users request contact information from guests? That depends on whether you are API-connected or not, and we will address both of these camps.

Airbnb API-Connected

If your account has been connected with Airbnb via API for a while, you will recall that when a booking first came into OwnerRez, the Platform Email address was automatically imported under the Channel section on the Overview tab of a booking. Any emails sent to that guest from OwnerRez before their "real" email address was collected would be sent to the platform email address. 

As of September 2023, Airbnb no longer provides a platform (a.k.a. proxy or pass-through) email address to use to communicate with guests. If Airbnb enforces this cutoff, the new booking info sent to OwnerRez will no longer have the platform email address included.

To ensure that you can maintain direct contact with your Airbnb guests, you'll need to create a Channel Template and an associated Trigger to request contact information upon booking (like you probably have been doing via Email and Email Triggers since you set up your account).

While users can copy all email templates to create duplicate channel templates, it is not necessary, nor recommended because the more templates users have, the more confusion it may cause.

Channel Template

With the use of the {BUFIXUP} booking field, users can create their own Channel Template that allows OR users to collect guest contact information and renter agreement signatures.

Navigate to Settings > Messaging > Templates > Channel > + Create Channel Template > Booking.

Create Channel Template > Booking

Enter the name of the Booking Channel Template and edit the message body to include the {BUFIXUP} booking field. Users can add booking field codes by clicking on the lower right Insert Field/Link just under the template Body section.

Booking Channel Template Request for Contact Information

Click on the Preview on the top to get a quick feel for how your Booking Channel Template will appear to the guest. 

Preview for the 'Airbnb Request for Contact Information' template

Users can also preview additional channel messages for other properties and/or guests by selecting from the Property and Booking drop-down lists. Click on Close to exit the preview.

When satisfied with your Booking Channel Template, be sure to Save it.

Users will then be able to view their new Booking Channel Template in the list of Channel Templates.

New Booking Channel Template in the list of Channel Templates

Sample Channel Template

Users can copy and paste the following fields into their own Booking Channel Template.


Airbnb Request for Contact Information



Thanks again for booking {PDISPNAME}!

Please take a minute to click on the following link and sign the agreement. If the link does not work, please copy and paste the URL below into your browser to access the Rental Agreement for signature.


If you could take care of this ASAP, that will complete your booking for {PDISPNAME}. If we do not hear from you in the next 24 hours we will assume you are no longer interested and will cancel your booking.

Let me know if you have any questions.



Next, create a trigger to send your newly created Booking Channel Template.

Navigate to Settings > Messaging > Triggers > + Create Trigger.

Create Booking Channel Contact Info Request Trigger

In the Send Template dropdown list, select your Booking Channel Template.

Trigger Send Channel Template

In the Booking Relationship > Listing Sites section, users should select Only Airbnb. Be sure to hit Save.

Airbnb Contact Info Request Trigger Booking Relationship Listing Sites Settings

Users will then be able to view their new Channel Trigger for Airbnb bookings in the list of Triggers.

Trigger List

Airbnb iCal-Connected (Non-API)

As of September 2023, Airbnb iCal-connected users are longer be able to email Airbnb guests at all (unless they're a repeat guest and you already have their real email address). Otherwise, all communication with guests must be through Airbnb, whether their app or website, using the Airbnb Inbox.

While this may not be the solution for every owner/PM, OwnerRez strongly recommends that users consider utilizing the Airbnb API integration to avoid these types of situations.

Airbnb iCal-connected users should consider how they plan to communicate important information with their guests, such as door codes, etc. Using the SMS premium feature may one of those solutions.

If users are not Airbnb API connected, meaning that they are iCal connected and regularly run Channel Bridge, they can request that information from Airbnb guests two different ways.

  • Follow the instructions on the Request Contact Info (real email address) and Signing support article.
  • While not recommended by OR, because it can be very easy to send the wrong link, users should be very careful using this method. Users can send individual links to each Guest through Airbnb.
    • Navigate to the specific Airbnb booking > Legal > Request e-Signature > Renter Agreement.

Airbnb Booking Request e-Signature for Renter Agreement

  • In the Request an e-Signature from... pop-up, Airbnb iCal Connected (Non-API) users should click the Copy button to copy the URL to the clipboard so that they can manually copy and paste it into a guest message via the Airbnb dashboard.

Preview Request an e-Signature from Airbnb Guest

  • Click the Preview button to open the URL in a new window so that you can see how the form looks before giving it to the guest. Here's what the Preview button generates.

Airbnb Renter Agreement Preview