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Hosted Websites Rates Display

By default, your Hosted Website will automatically display a summary of your general rates for each property.

It's not possible to display your detailed rates, because OwnerRez allows a very complex hierarchy of rate controls that people would find confusing.  Don't worry, when guests request a quote for specific dates, the correct rates will be calculated and displayed to them based on all your Seasons, Rules, and Spot Rates.

However, guests like a general guideline for how costly your properties are, and OwnerRez attempts to give that to them based on the rates you've entered.

Property Rate Settings

OwnerRez displays a price range for your property, consisting of your lowest and highest range.  Depending on your market, though, this range might be enormous, between the depth of low season and your highest peak holiday rate.  Guests might find this confusing.

You can override OwnerRez's guess at your rate range, by navigating to Properties > specific Property > General Info > Change > Calculation Overrides and manually setting the Nightly Rate Min and Max. Click Save.

These will be then displayed on your Hosted Website.

Availability/Property Search Widget Rates

Multi-property Hosted Website Users can display a range of their minimum and maximum rates on their multi-property hosted website by navigating to Settings > My Website > Widgets > Create Widget > Availability/Property Search Widget.

In the rates section, users should select the Show range for min and max (eg. "350-499/night") button. This is applicable to Hosted Websites or the Widget.

Availability/Property Search Widget Rates Settings

And the multi-property search will display the minimum and maximum rates as a range.

Minimum and Maximum Rates Range Displayed

Hosted Website Availability/Property Widget Rates

Still having trouble? Users can check their Hosted Website Home Page > Body tab to be sure that the Property Index is set to Search Availability. Click Save.

Property Index Search Availability

Select the Content tab. On the Availability/Property Search Widget section, click on Change Settings.

Change Settings

On the Change Availability/Property Search Widget pop-up modal, users can determine how rates are displayed (default rates, range or hide rates) on their Hosted Website.

Change Availability/Property Search Widget Rates Display

Hide Rates

Multi-property Hosted Website Users can hide rate displays by following the instructions on the Availability/Property Search Widget Rates or the Hosted Website Availability/Property Widget Rates sections and select Hide Rates.

While not generally recommended by OwnerRez, tech-savvy users can hide rates displayed on their website by following the CSS Magic instructions.