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Update July 12, 2021


  • Handled bad line folding on VR Calendar Sync iCals
  • Fixed GetSnapshot Errors on cache miss select
  • Fixed statement owner column tooltip
  • Added "In Period" column for Prededucted Expenses
  • Allowed changing only the capitalization of property addresses
  • Added FloridaRentals.com listing links on integration property list
  • Optimized Seasonal Defaults season selector
  • Hid guest charge options on portal user
  • Added free parking onsite parking amenities
  • Showed the login email address on the token page
  • Clarified booking.com payment schedule vs cancellation policy
  • Fixed multiline custom field display on quote renter agreement preview
  • Open LQA in full page to defeat scrolling issues 
  • Disallowed "hotel IDs" that are too long for Booking.com
  • Added Confirm modal for regen door code if door code already generated
  • Don't show early/late red bar on calendar ribbon if set but same as property rule