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Why Test?

You've spent a lot of time and money buying your properties and getting them set up to rent.  You've then spent more time in front of a computer getting your properties listed, and setting things up in OwnerRez to keep track of your bookings.  Now we're telling you that you need to spend even more time playing around on the computer instead of running the business?

Yes - because computers are stupid.  They are very good at doing the same thing over and over again consistently.  But they have no way of knowing if what they are doing makes any sense.

We also aren't able to know what you intended.  You left a stretch of time with no rates, so they can't be booked.  Was that a mistake?  Or are you closed at that time of year, so it was on purpose?  You know; we don't.

So the only way to make sure that OwnerRez is working correctly, and doing what you want it to do, is for you to test things out thoroughly and make sure they are correct according to your business needs and rules - which aren't going to be the same as anyone else's.

That's why thoroughly testing everything is absolutely vital.  The more you test, the less likely you'll get a rude surprise - or even worse, a silent disappointment as people don't book your properties, because they can't for some reason, and you didn't know it.

This Testing section provides general guidance for how to test various aspects of your OwnerRez configuration.  Not everything may apply to your needs, and that's fine - but we don't know what your needs are since we don't know your business, so it's a good idea to at least skim over everything and think about whether or not it's relevant.

If you have questions about testing, or want to test something that isn't discussed here, you can ask us for help.  Or, you can make a post to the OwnerRez Forums to see what other OwnerRez clients have found to work well for them.  You may even come up with a good idea that can be shared with others!