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Update June 22, 2020


  • Increased size for Stripe keys to 128 characters
  • Fixed issue where inquiries could be submitted multiple times by double clicking
  • Added support for Ascent Processing and made recommended CC payment method
  • Added Airbnb tax dashboard link to channel rate tester 
  • Pre-selected single channel on channel rate tester
  • Enhanced property ordering page
  • Fixed hosted site list issues where it was not correctly using external property order
  • Updated the OwnerRez logo on the main page
  • Added Bird's Eye video to setup done page
  • Fixed issue with phone number type selector hiding behind the number
  • Added option to hide nightly rates on rate table widget
  • Fixed spelling on Accommodation
  • Skipped VRBO bookings with no traveler on channel bridge export
  • Added support for or_propertyKey parameter to pre-select property dropdown
  • Added support for .nl TLD on Airbnb channel bridge
  • Fixed issue with FloridaRentals reporting monthly rates instead of weekly
  • Fixed issue where system alerts to show correct culture settings

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