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Bookings Detail Report

The Bookings Detail Report provides detailed financial and other information about each booking included in the selected range.
  • Owner Amount Column
    • Notice at the bottom of the report, the total of the Owner Amount column on the right (second from the end):
      That matches what Owners see in their Owner Dashboard chart.
    • To see what specific booking was different than others, you'd have to look at them one by one or run some reports to get totals for all the commissions, taxes, then subtract and compare to see where a booking stands out.  For instance, one might have some "pre-deducted" expenses where the expense was hidden and removed quietly from the owner amount.
    • Owner Amount shows the "Owner Revenue" portion of the bookings, not the actual gross amount of the booking. The gross amounts aren't used because that is confusing to owners. They then wonder why they aren't being paid more on statements or why their annual/monthly totals don't match up with what they're getting.
    • Now what exactly is the "Owner Revenue" also varies booking by booking. In some cases (or for some properties) the owner remits taxes or pays for channel fees and so on, so each booking might calculate Owner Revenue differently.
    • The other thing that affects it is the time period. In some cases, the amount will be pro-rated based on the 12 month period that is currently showing on the Owner Dashboard chart. A booking might be partially in one month and partially in the other, so each month will show part of that booking total.
    • Most of the time, if you subtract the common expenses (commission, any taxes remitted, DP) from the booking gross amount, you get the same total.