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Update September 27, 2021


  • Added property sharing system for widgets
  • Converted bedrooms to rooms and broke out to separate page
  • Reworked charges edit grid to be mobile friendly
  • Added Rate Display option for hosted website
  • Enhanced QuickBooks Online sync tool to be able to update bookings that had previously synced to a disabled QuickBooks Online account
  • Renamed hosted "Bedrooms" section to "Sleeping Arrangements" and always show it if there are beds
  • Fixed "couchs" plural typo to "couches"
  • Added LQA for overlapping LOS discounts
  • Simplified navigation on mobile for Settings area
  • Tightened up rate calendar on mobile view
  • Optimized merge emails on booking.com wrong room case
  • Tidied up BDC unmapped email
  • Added check on saving property for invalid max nights based on other mins
  • Fixed issue where Legal Agreement footer image size wasn't resizing correctly
  • Added owner ID to owner grid export
  • Added Sorted By option to primary search page
  • Added sitemap link under live location
  • Clarified test location on hosted
  • Set stars metadata on Reviews hosted site page so search engines pick it up