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Update November 1, 2023


  • Add Got2Go as official channel Coming Soon
  • Require check-in/out time rule and add check-in end time rule
  • Add payment terms and signature to Damage Protection legal agreement, and name the products with gold/silver
  • Don't cancel DP when canceled after arrival vs departure
  • Review guest form design tweaks
  • Show door codes if they exist, even if there is a subsequent error
  • Fix timeout issues with Vrbo listing import
  • Bypass Vrbo channel bridge booking header single item endpoint
  • Don't send user or guest payment receipts for MoR payments
  • Show selected file on new blog header/category teaser images
  • When syncing Airbnb transactions, look farther ahead for upcoming bookings
  • Show expense category columns based on all booking expenses, not just charge-linked
  • Show owner ID on owner pages, owner configuration dashboard, and owner grid export
  • Streamline property disable with future bookings
  • Vrbo API connect should initiate RA Channel Template with Trigger creation like Airbnb turn on does
  • Email List report enhancements
  • Don't PM lock bookings with open situations
  • Google Vacation Rentals Private Beta:
    • Taxes and Fees (mostly Fees) need to calculate applicable Date Ranges and Length of Stays