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The OwnerRez Zapier public integration allows users to connect OwnerRez with thousands of the most popular apps, so now you too can automate your work and have more time for what matters most—no code required.

OwnerRez wants to thank all of our intrepid OR users that helped not only create hundreds of zaps to accomplish all sorts of useful processes for the OwnerRez community but assisted us to earn our complete Zapier Public Integration

To use Zapier themselves, users will have to sign up and create a profile. The best part? Zapier's Free Plan allows for 100 free tasks of 5 single-step "zaps" a month!

Hung up on creating your zap? Zapier's Help Center should be your first point of contact for their Zapier expertise.

Video Walkthrough

This video will walk you through the steps of creating an OwnerRez Zap that automatically creates a contact in Google Contacts when a contact is created in OwnerRez. This should give you a good idea of how Zapier works with OwnerRez and allow you to start creating your own Zaps!

Active Zaps

Before this integration, the OwnerRez users created hundreds of active zaps! Curious about what Triggers & Actions you can use this with? Take a look below:

No worries if you've never used Zapier or aren't super comfortable with it yet! Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically so that you can focus on your most important work. We have published several Zap Templates to help you get started. Below are some creative Zaps that others found useful and that you can easily utilize:

OR Community Contributions

We've also released the source code for our integration on GitHub and are open to community contributions and ideas. Open-source applications/projects are fantastic because anyone can help make them better! Feel free to put your code skills to the test and share them with the community.đŸ’ª

Field Definitions

Zapier field definitions:

  • adults: Number of Adults
  • arrival: Date of Arrival
  • booked_utc: Date Booked Utc
  • check_in: Time of Check In
  • check_out: Time of Check Out
  • children: Number of Children
  • currency_code: Type of Currency Code
  • departure: Date of Departure
  • guest_id: Guest Id
  • infants: Number of Infants
  • is_block: Is it a Block?
  • listing_site: Booking Listing Site
  • pets: Number of Pets
  • platform_reservation_number: Listing channel Platform Reservation Number
  • property_id: Property Id
  • quote_id: Quote Id
  • status: Booking Status
  • thread_ids: Thread Ids
  • total_amount: Booking Total Amount
  • total_host_fees: Total Host Fees
  • total_paid: Guest Total Paid
  • type: Booking Type


How do I get my guest emails to map correctly when I use the OwnerRez Guest Created trigger in my zap?

The email_address field on the Guest object should be an array of values (ie. multiple email addresses, not a single one). So users may have to check email_address[0].address to find the first one. If users scroll down the list of fields that Zapier shows, it should show the email_address[0].address field further down the list. One example of the OwnerRez Guest Created trigger is the Create HubSpot contacts whenever new guests are created in OwnerRez zap.

Can I add Door Codes to the Booking Created trigger?

Door codes are included in the booking data. Look for the door_codes property, which is an array of objects. Each object will have a code and lock_names. Door codes are often created later in the booking process, so if the door codes are not available use the Booking Updated trigger zap instead.

How do I get the guest details from a Booking Created or Booking Updated trigger?

Following the triggers Booking Created or Booking Updated, use a Guest Lookup Action.

Guest Lookup Action

This example uses OpenPhone to complete the two step zap process.

How do I get the property details from a Booking Created or Booking Updated trigger?

In step 1, select the Booking Updated in OwnerRez trigger.

Use a Property Lookup Action after the trigger to grab the property details using the `property_id` field from the Booking trigger.

Follow through the prompts, and on the "Set up action" select the Property ID from step 1 like this:

Property Lookup Action

Why isn't my OwnerRez created custom field visible in Zapier?

It might be a delay in Zapier picking up the new field. We recommend that users attempt again in a few days to see if their custom field is visible.
Another option is to try to select the Field Definition by ID instead of name.  

  • Switch the field chooser to "custom".
Zapier Field Definition ID
  • Put in the raw ID of the field definition. To locate the field definition ID, navigate to the field definition in your OwnerRez settings, and find the number in the URL of your browser.

OwnerRez Field Definition ID

My zap doesn't work and I need help!

Hung up on creating your zap? Zapier's Help Center should be your first point of contact for their Zapier expertise.

How can I pull inquiries from my personal email program or website into OwnerRez?

You can send custom emails from your personal email program or website to OwnerRez and have the inquiry data parsed out. Our parsing engine looks for a certain set of fields and, if found, will attempt to create an inquiry from the values.

OwnerRez's inquiry parsing relies on either (a) the email being from a known partner that we have special parsing hard-coded for, or (b) the email text being laid out in a generic way that conforms to our "custom parsing" specs. 

Your email body has to look like this: https://www.ownerrez.com/support/articles/inquiry-parsing-for-custom-emails.

Or your webmaster/dev can embed SMTP headers like this: https://www.ownerrez.com/support/articles/inquiry-parsing-for-emails-using-custom-SMTP-headers.